Why your dollar packs a bigger punch with BBRN

Why BBRN Offers More Value Than Alternative Referral Groups

If you've already decided to join a referral network, great! Let's take a look at some reasons why BBRN brings a little more value over some of the alternatives. We've taken a look at the major ones in the Edmonton area which includes: BNI (Business Networking International), BOB (Business Over Breakfast), and EBNG (Edmonton Business Networking Group).

If right now you are only looking into the possibility of joining a referral network, this should help to give you an outline into the costs and benefits of joining BBRN over the other alternative networking groups.


  1. You pay less - Among all the alternatives to join a referral networking group, BBRN is the most affordable. You pay a flat membership rate and are not required to attend fundraisers or morning breakfast meetings. On average, our membership fee is 40% less with no requirement to commit for a full year.
    It's a little hard to find any pricing for EBNG as they do not display membership fees to the public.

  2. You devote less time - If you are a previous member of BNI or another referral group, you know the defining task is to meet once a week - over the course of the year, this can stack up to being as high as 200 hours.

    With BBRN, schedule meetings with your fellow group members each week and that's it. You do have to keep up with what's going on with your members (so you can accurately give referrals) which you can do by logging in to BBRN's website or app.

    Alternative referral groups host morning meetings (the afternoon or lunch meetings are much more costly) to force members to give referrals and to give them a chance to describe what kind of referrals they are looking for; "Uhm, I'm looking for a referral, that will...make me some money." It is also the only way members can give referrals. With BBRN, members can give a referral in 30 seconds and even have the option to share your online business card that can be continually passed along. This opens up the door for spontaneous interactions that might otherwise be forgotten about had the member waited til the next group meeting.

    At BBRN, we expect our members to check the group feed daily and dedicate 1.5 hours each week. Throughout the course of the year, it adds up to about 72 hours. More time for your own business which also adds more value to every referral you receive.

  3. You receive more benefits - If you haven't read our article on some other reasons to love BBRN (which you'll quickly discover once you are a member) you should check it out here: Hidden Reasons to Love BBRN.

    One of the biggest assets on this list is building an online presence for you and your business. With BBRN, you get tons of resources to spread the word about your business such as sharing updates directly with members, having your online business card passed along which was mentioned above, and the ability to share content on BBRN.ca. If you enjoy writing or think you could post an article, review or some insight into your or another members business, we want you to share it. Link the post back to your website or profile which can boost your traffic and you'll potentially gain some new followers, brand exposure and business.

    We don't want our members spamming ads or annoying other members, so there are some guidelines you need to stick to but if used properly can be a major tool that other referral groups can't offer.

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