5 Hidden Reasons To Love BBRN

Growing your business with a referral network comes with many obvious benefits: make more sales, get connected with business owners who have similar goals, create and grow a network that will lay the foundation for your business for many years to come, as well as opportunities to make relationships with other businesses that could result in advantages for you and your customers.

Joining a referral network seems great for those reasons but if you dive deeper, not all of them come with secondary benefits; some even come with quite the opposite. For e.g. how many meetings will you have to attend that won’t benefit you in anyway and in some instances, just end up costing you money you wish you could have saved? How long will it take to receive a referral? Some groups still require a physical and time-consuming process for giving a referral such as placing a ballot in a box. These are little things that will quickly taint your experience within a referral group.

BBRN gets better the deeper you dive. Here are 5 reasons that you might not have considered, yet, will get you hooked.

1. Lead management

Keep track of referrals received which includes contact information, date and time stamps for key actions, transaction values, and your personal notes. You can also add your leads you’ve attained from outside of BBRN and use it as a full lead management tool.

2. Easiest scheduler you’ll use

When you set up your first meeting, you’ll feel the true convenience of doing things the modern way. Pick the times that work for you and BBRN will set a meeting time that coincides with your members schedule and suggest meeting locations that will average the distance between the two of you. Too bad you can’t schedule the rest of your life this way!

3. Seamless and fluid across devices

Have you ever saved a bunch of work on a website or program only to have to do it all over again on the app? You won’t have to with BBRN. Save one thing on any device, whether it’s on the website or app, and the changes will instantly be recognized. This especially comes in handy when you’re creating posts to share (see #5 below).

4. Become more resourceful

You will be able to update your group with interesting posts relevant to your business by sharing posts on the homepage. These posts help promote yourself as well as give other members more insight into your business so they can be informed when talking to their network. Let’s say you were trying to get rid of some surplus inventory, you could share that with your group members so they could pass it along to their network. You’ll get information from all members and your homepage becomes a tool for finding deals and helping out the group.

5. Build your presence online

We encourage our users to share content. If you would like to share some knowledge about your industry or even an experience you had as a consumer in another industry, write an article using our friendly editor, and post it publicly (obviously our moderators will have to approve it before it goes sitewide). You can link it back to your profile and even your website. For the members who already have a blog on their website, feel free to post the same article on BBRN.

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